Responsibility, warranties

Our patients enjoy full responsibility and guarantees for the professional care and the materials used as well. Since 2003 our insurer of professional liability is Generali Providencia Insurance Company, account number: 42605291
The content of the insurance can be found here

Professional medical liability

Medical complications may occur even under the most thoughtful care, which should be solved as a common task. We are morally obliged to provide the maximum of professional and material support.
The basis of our liability is the constant availability around the clock in case of emergency. Immediate solution of urgent, unforeseen complications is carried out free of charge. For example: post-operative bleeding is a case like that.

Aesthetic complications
The solution is always completed upon consultation with the patient, while a reduced charge is done. It is not free, because the judgment of the result is largely a subjective opinion, and because the result of the surgery and recovery of the patient is highly influenced by the precise compliance with post-operative instructions, and other events happening during recovery period at home. We do not have insight into these factors; therefore we cannot take responsibility for these problems.
An example: if someone does sports or strenuous work during the recovery time, or the operated area of the body gets injured and therefore complications occur, we cannot take full responsibility. Of course we undertake the solution, not completely free of charge, but at a fairly reduced cost.

The materials that we use are guaranteed by the manufacturers and distributors of the products.

An illustration for example:

If e.g. an implant replacement becomes necessary due to manufacturing defect, the patient should pay only the cost price of the operation itself, while the replacement piece is supplied by the manufacturer through the distributor free of charge, and we fairly bear the lion’s share of the surgical costs.

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