Beauty is a natural advance (Platon) A healthy lifestyle and vitality assumes a good appearance first of all. A visually oriented society could never deny the leverage of beauty. Beauty and the potentials of plastic surgery The ideal beauty model today is impulsed by the media and magazins. The well--groomed, well dressed sporty young appearance incarnates a succesful person full of self confidence, a person we all want to be. Studies show that beautiful girls and boys are less likely to be admonished at kindergarten and make better marks at school. Attractive women and men gain aproxximately 15% more salary. People with appealing appearance are considered more successful, more likable, more intelligent, more friendly, more exciting, more creative and more diligent.To realize these dreams, the potentials of plastical surgery are so manifold as they have never been before. Day by day new procedures, instruments are invented and applied to achive the perfect result. Thet improved quality of life provided by means os plastical surgery is availabe for everyone, number of treatments are increasing day by day.The ArtReal Plastical Surgery Clinic is commited to help patients to realize their dreams at the highest standards of science and technology.
Nicole2011 / 08 / 23
Patients from the UK2011 / 09 / 18
Full facelift/necklift with temporal lift - liposuction - Surgery April 2010, Female Patient age 59, South of England I have nothing but praise for the whole Budapest experience - from the moment I first contacted Linda to the very helpful emails, to Carolyn and through to my leaving – it was better than I could have ever hoped for. If anyone would like to get in touch with me then I am very happy to talk about it all. Linda can pass on my email address and telephone number, or I can write about the whole experience on the website. I have kept a diary and with Carolyn’s help have photos from Day 1.I have had a very positive experience – Carolyn has been very very helpful – couldn’t have done it without her. Very thoughtful little things such as the ‘goodies’ put in the fridge . The surgeon, Dr Karvasz is a darling! He has done an excellent job. He has been caring, has listened and was efficient. The time spent in the clinic is short and there was no problem at all and the experience was better than some in the UK! The nursing staff are very helpful despite some language barrier though the night nurse spoke good English – but hey we are in their country! The city has so much to offer. Thank you for all your help Linda – twice now you have recommended excellently!”
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