Pricing policy, discounts


ArtReal Plastic Surgery seeks to provide a high standard of service at a realistic value for money. The classic English proverb has a general validity: "You get what you paid for". Too high prices indicate overvaluation, while too low prices are notices of the absence of something.

The total cost of interventions encompasses:

- the price of personal professionalism (participation in expensive conferences and training courses, purchase of foreign medical and science books and literature, etc.);
- allowances of qualified professional staff (physicians and nurses participating in clinical procedures, anesthesia or nursing);
- maintenance of modern and safe operating rooms and inpatient department
- cost of materials used (better quality usually means higher prices)

All of these are provided at high quality for a reasonable cost. The prices of ArtReal Plastic Surgery are not overstated, but also not the cheapest.


- For returning patients a more favorable fee is calculated for following surgeries,
- at request of multiple operations we offer a substantial price discount,
- helping those in need, in terms of humanity (e.g. his/her doctor is not available and intervention is urgently needed etc.) regardless of whether our previous patient or not (e.g. replacement of PIP implant),
- we have also had examples of "family" benefits in the case of surgery for more than one family member,
- occasional special discounts - when the dealer offers a discount on the materials used, the lower price is built into the calculation.

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