From registration to treatment


- Patients can request an appointment via phone call or e-mail. Then we can select the appropriate date for the consultation and set the appointment.


- During the consultation we explore the personal needs in detail and assess the current health status of the patient.
It can be useful to take old photos with you, or images of the desired final result from a newspaper can also support accurate data collection. In some cases computer-aided design is also available, however it is important to note, that the computer simulation can only illustrate the expected results for information purposes. The main function of it is enabling us to match the expectations precisely, so we can propose you a more accurate solution.

Surgical Plan

- Based on the current and the required status we provide a detailed proposal for the surgical solution, including the description of the technical details and risks, actions to be taken after surgery, recovery time and costs. You can think it over and decide at a later point in time. Multiple consultations are also possible, even recommended in our practice before the thoroughly deliberated decision.


- After decision about plastic surgery a pre-operative examination is performed. This includes blood and laboratory tests and mammography, ultrasound or chest X-rays if necessary, etc. The major part of these tests can be performed at our clinic; the examination fees will be included in the final plastic surgery costs. Results of tests performed by other laboratories are also accepted. Detailed information about the anesthetic examination process can be found here.


- In case the test results allow the surgery to be performed, we arrange a date for the intervention. The date is fixed after advance payment of 10% of the surgery costs.
On the day of the operation we wait you in the clinic at the scheduled time. In the morning, do not eat or drink anything. The clinic provides full board, so you do not need to bring anything with you except your own robe and slippers. Jewellery and valuables are safeguarded, but if possible, please do not bring with you.
The pre-operative process consists of the following: patient reception, handing over again detailed written information about the planned intervention and the intended mode of anesthesia, and signing a contract with the clinic to perform the surgery. Repeated pre-operative examination is also carried out, and after pre-medication the surgery is performed.


- After the surgery you will be under medical and nursing supervision during your time in the clinic. Catering is provided upon your request á la carte.
After the post-operative observation period the patient can return home accompanied by an escort. Home care and following surgeon’s instructions should be arranged by the patient. After surgery patients are monitored regularly, further instructions will be given at post-op follow-up appointments.


- Non-stop telephone contact and personal availability in case of necessity also belong to our services.

Follow-up examinations

- The process is not closed when the patient returns home. We await our clients for further regular follow-up appointments in the future as well, of course, free of charge.

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