Tummy tuck surgery's brief history


Information about the tummy tuck surgery

The changes of the abdominal area occurs most of the time as a result of gaining weight, or sudden loss of weight, after pregnancy or abdominal surgery. The accruing excess skin is causing not only aesthetic but also functional problems like spinal pains which may lead to psychic problems.

The Operation

Abdominoplasty includes surgery on the abdominal area with a goal to correct the unpleasant changes, or remove skin and fat excess of the abdominal wall. Incisions are made over the pubic area in a hidden part. The floppy skin and adipose tissue are removed surgically. In case of the abdominal muscles are loose or suffering from hernia it is treated accordingly. The navel is fixed in a natural position. Wound is closed by plastical suture. Compresses and bandages used at the end of operation.

Post-op care

Bandages are to be worn for 4-6 weeks. Wound healing usually within 2 weeks. After the observation period the patient can go home with a companion. Arranging home care, and comply with the instructions is the patient's responsibility. Patients are being controlled periodically after the operation.

Rare but possible complications

Any surgical procedure may have complications or side effects like: bleeding or edema , however as the medical technics are becoming more and more advanced these are rare and if they occur they can be treated accordingly.

Notable side effects may be acid formation, weekness, dizzyness, infections, temporary loss of sensitivity in the abdominal area. Sometimes kelid wounds may occur.


After the the surgery drains are removed and elastic garment is worn for about one 4-6 weeks. Patients can continue their everyday activities in about 2 weeks.

Tummy tuck surgery's brief history


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